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It’s Christmas again! There’s no better time to revisit THREE GHOSTS, our musical retelling of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.
Complete with an original script, 20 incredible songs, 3D sound, and a cast of over 40 people self-recording from all over the world (Australia, The Philippines, Scotland, South Africa, The United States, and more) during the 2020 lock-down, this time-old tale has never been heard like this before!
“Keeping true to Dickens’ own description of this ’ghostly tale,’ Three Ghosts will send tingles up your spine, have you laughing, crying, and ultimately remembering why this season is so important, this year more than ever.”

—Liz Muller, Director



Pipe Dream Theatre began in 2010. Since then, we have written and produced multiple stage musicals, audio shows, and short films.


Our musicals and plays are designed to give you a breathtaking, immersive, 3D audio experience: epic music, outstanding performances recorded throughout the world, and the most incredible environments and effects your mind can conjure.



Pipe Dream Theatre has just received the award Most Creative Podcast for our episode: Hansel & Gretel! A sincere and shocked thank you to the team at the Cinemonic Podcast Festival!


And a big thanks to our amazingly talented cast, our listeners, and the humbling support of our patrons.


Check out the hilariously dark, vulgar episode now on your favorite streaming platform, or watch the sing-a-long version on YouTube!



Pipe Dream employs performers of all ages and backgrounds. We rely solely on donations from our community to produce these amazing stories--and every little bit will continue to ensure you will be able to enjoy these stories ad-free.

You can make a one-time donation to BUY ME A COFFEE, or if you're looking for a more long term option, feel free to visit our PATREON (we have lots of cool perks for subscribers).

The money from your donation will be used to pay the performers and creators, in addition to funding all technical aspects so we may continue to create unique, high-quality entertainment.

Thank you all so much!

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