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AfterWords, Volume 1 — three emotional, hilarious, scary, sad, and totally vulgar grown-up children's stories. Immerse yourself in 3D sound with outstanding performers and a cinematic soundtrack (headphones recommended). Then join hosts Meghan and Aaron for The Conversation AfterWords as they delve into the feelings and experiences of the characters, and how they relate to our everyday lives while offering a bit of comedy, love, and support.


We'll see you... AfterWords!

The Mouse & The Cat - May 31st

The Mother & Her Wish - June 14th

Hansel & Gretel - June 28th

Kim Casey.jpg
kim casey
as mouse
Liz Muller.jpg
liz muller
as cat
Alex Parrish_Alex_Headshot.jpg
alex parrish
as the narrator
Betsy Padamonsky.JPG
betsy padamonsky
as trista
Brady Lynch Headshot.jpg
brady lynch
as renee
Kasano Mwanza.jpg
kasano mwanza
as val
Tara B Gray.JPG
tara b gray
as nera
Michael A. Macagnone.jpeg
michael a. macagnone
as hansel
Lily O'Donnell.jpg
lily o'donnell
as gretel
David Barrett.jpeg
david barrett
as fred
Helen Petrovna .jpeg
helen petrovna
as gunda
Maisie Valentine.jpeg
maisie valentine
as brutus
Aaron Souza.JPG
aaron souza
as the constable
Liz HnG.jpg
liz muller
as meme baba

the townsfolk

01 Diego Aranda.JPEG
diego aranda
02 Kit Asfeldt.jpg
kit asfeldt
03 Benjamin Brackley .jpg
benjamin brackley
03 William Warren Carver.JPG
william warren carver
Kim Casey.jpg
kim casey
06 Taylor Casey.jpeg
taylor casey
07 Leah Cornish.png
leah cornish
08 Ruben C. Delgado.jpg
ruben delgado
09a Sharisse Francisco.JPG
sharisse francisco
09b Lauren Irving.JPG
lauren irving
10 Tony K Irving.jpg
tony k irving
11 Ja'Corey Jones.jpg
ja'corey jones
12 Michael T. Kopplin.jpg
michael t. kopplin
13 Michael Korner.jpg
michael korner
14 Aileen Lanni.jpeg
aileen lanni
16 John Marriott.png
john marriott
17a Jacqueline Ledesma Head Shot.jpeg
jacqueline ledesma
17b Halle Mastroberardino 4.jpg
halle mastroberardino
18 Daniel McCormick.jpg
daniel mccormick
19 Brad Nowikow.JPG
brad nowikow
20 Jamieson O'Brien Headshot NEW.jpg
jamieson o'brien
21a Jordan O'Brien NEW headshot.jpeg
jordan o'brien
21b Meghan Owen.jpg
meghan owen
22 Gemma Parr-Smith.jpg
gemma parr-smith
23a Noel Rayos.jpg
noel rayos
23b Rachel Lou Redding.jpeg
rachel lou redding
23c Alex Reyes.jpg
alex reyes
24 Matt Rodriguez.jpg
matt rodriguez
25 Chelsea Rose Amoroso .jpg
chelsea rose amoroso
26 Liliana Rose.jpg
liliana rose
27 Caris Savill.JPG
caris savill
28 Nicholas Senn.jpg
nicholas senn
29a Dominic Sheahan-Stahl.jpg
dominic sheahan-stahl
29b Kate Sullivan.jpg
kate sullivan
29c Mindi Trimble.JPG
mindi trimble
31a Camilla Twisselman.jpg
camilla twisselman
31b Brittany Michelle Wallace.jpeg
brittany michelle wallace
32 Lesley Zlabinger.jpg
lesley zlabinger
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