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THREE GHOSTS is an epic retelling of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.
With a cast of over 40 people self-recording from all over the world: Australia, Colombia, Germany, The Philippines, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, and The United States, Pipe Dream Theatre has created a brand-new musical podcast experience.
Complete with 20 incredible songs and 3D sound, this time old tale has never been heard like this before!
“Keeping true to Dickens’ own description of this “ghostly tale,” Three Ghosts will send tingles up your spine, have you laughing, crying, and ultimately remembering why this season is so important, this year more than ever.”
Liz Muller, Director


Start a new holiday tradition for years to come!
Released December 20, 2020


Based on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol
Book and Music by
C. E. Simon
Lyrics and Direction by Liz Muller

Additional Music Arrangements by Mike Macagnone

Three Ghosts Read-through


Noel Rayos

as Scrooge

Mike Macagnone

as Jacob Marley

Alex Parrish

as Bob Cratchit

Lauren Irving

as Laura Cratchit

Michael A. Macagnone

as Tiny Tim

Liz Muller

as Past

Kris Coleman

as Present

Taylor Casey

as Future

Jamieson O'Brien

as Future

Merv Marvey.jpg

Merv Marvey

as Future

Jordan O'Brien

as Future

Bradley Beard

as Future

Brady Lynch

as Belle

Patrick Dinnsen

as Ebenezer

Megan Margiotti

as Fan

Maisie Valentine

as Freya

Betsy Padamonsky

as Claire

Ja'Corey Jones

as Topper

Lesley Zlabinger

as Mrs. Banks

Daniel McCormick

as Mr. Grant

John Marriott

as Franc

Mindi Trimble

as Penny

Kim Casey

as Mrs. Dilber

Marissa Macagnone

as Liza

Aaron Souza.jpg
Jenny Kim-Godfrey.jpg

Aaron Souza

as Old Joe

Lamont Alexander Pierce

as Mr. Fezziwig

Jenny Kim-Godfrey

as Mrs. Fezziwig

Anthony Motta

as Pip/Child Ebenezer

Lily O'Donnell

as Edwina/Child Fan

Eleanor Patierno-Muller

as Ollie

Michael A. Stevens

as Thomas

Michael Korner

as Gravedigger

Michael T. Kopplin

as Father Barnaby

Leah Cornish

as Townsperson

Aileen Lanni

as Townsperson

Brigid Motta.jpg

Brigid Motta

as Townsperson

Diego Garzon

as Townsperson

Laura Orozco

as Townsperson

Angela O'Donnell

as Townsperson

Jon O'Donnell

as Townsperson

David Barrett.jpg
Helen Petrovna.jpg

David Barrett

as Townsperson

Helen Petrovna

as Townsperson

Lukas Padilla Alekseev

as Townsperson

Ivan Padilla Carillo

as Townsperson

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